Select a Single Cup Coffee Machine from Three Categories

The single cup coffee maker revolutionized the espresso machine and filter coffee makers. The single cup coffee machine was the answer to people’s frustration with the traditional coffee makers that made a pot.

It is often a matter of making too much coffee or not enough. You could certainly adjust how much coffee you want to brew, but many people have difficulty estimating the exact amount they need.

The pre-measured cup is the best way to get the right amount of coffee each time.

It can be difficult to select the best single-serve coffee maker from the hundreds of brands available. It can however be divided into three board categories, namely the K-cups (K-packs), the T-discs and the pods.

K-cups are a great way to get gourmet coffee, teas, and even hot chocolate. No need to measure, grind or use filters. Keurig machines can brew over 50 different types of drinks using K-cups.

K-cups are branded and have their own technology to seal the coffee grounds. This ensures that every time you drink coffee, it is fresh. Their variety includes Starbucks coffee and Twinnings Tea, which means that you can claim they serve some of the best-known F&B brands. Keurig will be your best choice if you are looking for coffee that meets the criteria above.

There is also the T-disc, which offers cups of pure enjoyment such as espressos or lattes without fuss and mess. The T-disc cappuccino is a real treat, with frothy steamed milk.

The T-disc has a patented code that allows them to brew every drink individually. Tassimo is the machine used to brew drinks using T-discs. This is the machine which converts the code it has read from the T disc into a cappuccino.

Tassimo will be the best machine for you if you’re particular with the way your brew is going to turn out. You should get this machine if you are looking for an instant cappuccino.

There are also coffee pods machines that can accept any pod, from Douwe Egberts up to Nespresso. The pods solve a big problem with single-cup coffee machines – the closed brand system.