Masculine Energy or Feminine Energy

Recent readings have focused on the concept of masculine and feminin energy. The yin yang concept of masculine versus feminine is a good fit. Do I really need to describe the differences? Click to read more.

Today, I’m more concerned with finger-pointing and being blamed in spiritual communities. Some religions worship a male god, while others believe in a female goddess. One snobby assumption is that only one belief is true and the others is silly and misguided. Both believe the world could be made better if people would just subscribe to one particular view of power.

The new age community is talking a lot about a return of feminine leadership and energy. There is a belief that with more women leading, we can magically fix all of our world problems.

Even recently, I came across an article by a New Age man that asked me where all the women are and when will we return to correct the mess our men feel they have caused on this planet. Wow! This is a lot of responsibility.

After reading the man’s essay, I immediately thought “It’s not my role to clean up your mess!”

How can you justify making a mess by asking someone else to tidy up after it? Why not ask the guys when they plan to clean themselves up?” When I had calmed down I thought about how feminine energy works. Then I revised my answer and decided that it should be “feminine energy is by definition gentle, nurturing, healing and loving.” It’s unlikely that you will see us charge in like warriors. We will create subtle effects that are beautiful, similar to the way the wind moves the leaves in a forest.

The topic has been on my mind for the past few weeks and I now have some more insightful thoughts. Why does it matter if we call something masculine? Never have you seen a mother fight to death to defend her children? Never have you seen a male cry at the sight of his new born child. You don’t think women can be greedy and selfish. Believe you that women aren’t able to be selfish and greedy? Where is the belief that everyone possesses both of these energies? Women didn’t cause these problems, nor did men.

The victim is the one who agrees to it. The women who really want power are intelligent enough to overpower the difference in physical strength. In truth, our philosophies were based on the belief that men had superior intelligence, strength, and closeness to God. Like them, we chose the same philosophy.