Picking the Right Carpet Cleaners

It is important to understand your exact requirements prior to purchasing a professional Carpet Cleaners North Shore. If you select the incorrect type of commercial rug washer or carpet washer you may lose hundreds in the process.

This buying guide for carpet cleaners offers advice on selecting the correct rug cleaner.


A carpet cleaner reaches temperatures up to 210oF. For most rugs, water with a temperature around 140oF will do. It is cheaper to invest in a carpet washer that uses cold water. For this reason, you can use these carpet cleaners only when self heating is not needed. The rug cleaners buying guides recommend that cold water be used to wash antique rugs or expensive rugs. Carpet cleaners are available that heat the water or use only non-heated clean water. The same is true for carpet washers which do not require heating water but accept heated hot water in order to clean rugs.

Low flow

A rug cleaner’s water consumption is of particular importance because low flow machines provide many advantages. Reduced cleanup and faster drying of rugs are two benefits that come with a carpet cleaning machine using low flow. Fast drying carpets reduce the chance of developing mold or odor. In contrast, the buying guide of a rug-washing machine warns users against high-flow machines because the rug will take longer time to dry.

Pumping Pressure

Pump pressure is greater in commercial carpet cleaning machines than it is for domestic use. In industrial carpet cleaners, pump pressure starts at 120 PSI and can go up to 220 PSI. The higher the pump pressure, the better the performance of your machine.

Solutions and Recovery Tanks

Tanks with larger solution and recover tanks will allow cleaners to work longer without stopping. Tanks can be anywhere from 4 gallons all the way up to 17.


The main accessory on a carpet-cleaning machine is its wand. Because of its durability and corrosion resistance, a stainless-steel wand will be preferred. Upholstery is cleaned with a four-inch brush, while carpets and large rugs are cleaned using larger brushes. Wands can be either single or double jet.

It is possible to use portable carpet cleaning machines for large vehicles, buildings and car fleets. Mobile car wash trailers make it easier for a portable carpet cleaning machine to be moved around.

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