What to do when you want to cook a tasty burger?

The taste of a juicy, tasty burger is unbeatable. Although you could always go to a restaurant for your burger cravings there is something very special about making it at home. You’ll find in this post the instructions to making a tasty burger which will compete with any restaurant. You’re about to impress all your friends and family members with your homemade burger making skills. See https://cumfacisa.ro for get more info.


Buy 1 pound Ground Beef (80% Lean, 20% Fat)
Add salt to your taste
Burger buns
Cheese Slices (optional).
Choose lettuce, tomato and onion as toppings
Condiments include mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup

How to Prepare Patties

Add ground beef into a mixing dish and season with pepper and salt. Do not overwork the meat as you gently mix in the seasoning.
Divide meat into equal portions, and then shape into patties. You should make your patties slightly larger then the size of the burger buns. This is because they will shrink in the oven.
Prepare the patties:

Prepare a grill over medium high heat. To prevent food from sticking to a skillet when using, add a tiny amount of cooking oil.
To cook the burgers to the level you desire, place the patties in a skillet or grill and cook them for 4 minutes per side. The internal temperature for a medium burger is 130-135degF.
Toast the Buns

Toast the burgers buns lightly on a toaster, grill or barbecue while they are still cooking. This gives the buns an extra crunch while preventing them from becoming stale.
Add Cheese to Your Recipe (Optional).

You can make a “cheeseburger” by placing a slice on each patty at the end of the cooking process. You want the cheese to become gooey and melt.
Assemble your Burger

You can use ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise. Some of the most popular condiments are ketchup mustard or mayonnaise.
Top the patty with the sauces.
Pick your toppings from lettuce, tomato and onions.
Add the top half bun to the burger.
Serving Up Fun:

Serve your homemade beef burger along with some fries, coleslaw or fresh salad.
Take your family and close friends to enjoy this delicious dish!
The conclusion: A delicious home-made burger is more simple than you may think. These simple steps can help you make a juicy burger with a flavorful sauce that will satisfy all your cravings. Test out different seasonings, toppings, or condiments to make your own burger. Start the grill up or the pan and you’re ready to enjoy the most delicious homemade hamburger!

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