You Should Use Instagram for Your Business

Instagram is an app for mobile devices that lets users instantly upload and/or take photos, as well as edit and enhance them with a variety of unique filters. They also have a tilt-shift (3-D) feature that helps them stand out from other apps. Read more now on BuyBetterSocial: Instagram Growth Packages.

The app has grown in popularity more quickly than other apps. This is probably why you see someone in the line behind you taking pictures of the pastries at Starbuck’s for no reason. Instagram is addicting and has iPhone and Android owners hooked. Your business should also follow the crowd.

The 6 reasons Instagram is ideal for business are important to know if you own a company, or you have responsibility for social media and branding.

1. Instant Instagram

Instagram can be used to build your brand without waiting until you are back at home or in the office. With your iPhone, Android or tablet, snap the picture, then edit, upload and comment on it (remembering to use #hashtag keywords). You can share this photo from your brand profile.

2. You don’t need duplicate accounts

Instagram does not require you to have a personal account. Unlike Facebook or Google+, where it is necessary to build a profile first before creating a business page. This is a relatively simple process.

3. All of us have an inner photographer

They don’t know what to do with their creativity or how to use content marketing. Most people enjoy taking pictures and, let’s face it, we think that most of us have some talent behind the camera. Instagram is a foolproof way to edit photos, and while darkrooms can produce results that are often contrary, you will become the Herb Ritts in your marketing content.

4. This makes your Brand look Interesting

Use Instagram to promote your products/services. Instagram filters can make anyone look cool, from office supplies to garbage collection services. By capturing candid moments in the office, you can show off both your service or product and your corporate culture. Instagram albums allow brands to be more human in ways that no other network can.

5. Create a location for your Business

Google Places for Businesses and Google+ Local Page have both proven how important it is to attach a physical address to your business’s presence online. Instagram’s integrated Foursquare database lets you Geotag the exact location where a photo was taken. This allows you to add your business to Instagram’s location page. Users who are looking at photos of their location may be interested in your products.

6. It’s easier to attract followers

Instagram does not allow links. This means that the public doesn’t have to worry about being inundated with spam when following your brand. Instagram users are more likely than any other social network to follow your account if you regularly post photos that showcase your service or product. You will have an easier time building brand recognition if you have a large fanbase. Instagram links easily to Facebook and Twitter, which helps you build those social networks. However, the rules for social networking marketing still apply: interact with customers (comment or “like”) before following them. Instagram allows you to follow them back.

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